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  1. random observations from today’s footie watching (didja notice i didn’t tweet all day?!)


  2. some (irreverent) thoughts whilst catching up on Saturday matches 

    part 2… the rest of epl action:

    Aston Villa v. Newcastle
    not sure why i dvr’d this - i’ll probably be fine with the highlights on the FS. then again, i do have one or two of these guys on fantasy thingers*…

    • 12th min >hot damn, goal. i do have gabby agbonlahor on at least one fantasy team*!!
    • demba ba is also a very fun name to say. 
    • 25th min >ugh. way to miss darren bent… i’ve never liked him. i hold a grudge from a certain beach ball incident. but still, really nice play from petrov/n’zogbia. 
    • whoa crazy save off the line. 
    • 32nd min, FFW’dingX3 commenced. feeling sleepy. 
    • really impressive run back to clear the line by Steven Taylor, saves Krul’s misplaced ass. 
    • does this end as a draw? that’s no fun. 

    Everton 3-1 Wigan
    is there is hope for everton after all? roberto martinez seems like such a nice guy though…

    Bolton 1-2 Norwich

    um. i probably would have bet on Bolton had i disposable income. yikes. it’s good i’m not a betting real money kinda girl. 

    Wolves 0-3 QPR 

    joey barton’s on a fantasy 5 team. then again, i did have roger johnson in defense too, didn’t i? doh. 

    Swansea 3-0 W.Brom

    michel vorm’s also on a fantasy 5 team. 

    *i have many fantasy thingers going on:  fantasy fives (which is great fun! Red,White & Blue pod people have a fan league!), espn’s EPL, yahoo EPL, ESPN deportes serie a (en español) (Juventiknows has a fan league!), serie a live 


  3. marouanechamakh-:

    Both Pirlo and Gattuso are riding their bikes while wearing flip-flops.

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  4. espn soccernet asks the big questions…

    i am getting impatient waiting to see final england and italy squads!


  5. not surprising:

    "If it is necessary to play dirty to win, we will do it. All that counts at the World Cup is to win and we are ready to do whatever it takes to go far," Luis Fabiano was quoted as saying by reporters."

    luis fabiano

    “I really like him in that position because of all the midfielders, he’s the one who moves the most without the ball,” coach Marcello Lippi said Sunday. “He inserts himself and accompanies the action and finds the open spaces. Plus, he helps with coverage in midfield.”
    -lippi on claudio marchisio.

    i can explain why “he’s the one who moves the most…” - he’s possibly the only italian who runs about- all the others wander around walking… and lippi -stop putting so much pressure on the lad!


    modric signing for a new 6year deal at spurs [i admire his dedication but 6 years is long time!]

    possibility of boriello getting cut from italian squad [it just seem so wrong]

    france draws 1-1 with tunisia [what?!]

    ivory coast draw 2-2 with paraguay [gotta watch that 2 goal lead complacency!]

    england 2-1 japan / frank lampard missing a penalty kick [they were so damn lucky w/the japan own goals]

    since these were all international friendlies, i’m ok with the results. i’m thinking they’re all trying to keep their lads injury-free for the w.cup? it’s a good excuse, anyhow.


  6. in case anyone’s noticed the lack of football related posts, it’s because all this end of season transfer talk is too overwhelming for me to even comment on. what would it feel like to be worth £70 million? i can’t even count that high. and rafa, just go to juventus already.
    um. let’s see what i can come up with. that red card in the real madrid/athletic bilbao match earlier was lame lame lame. it was obviously not a deliberate goal scoring opportunity block. bad call ref. there were a lot of reds handed out in spain today.

    i’ll probably have something to rant about tomorrow. and hopefully it won’t be all about wanting to spike the troll’s cocoa pops.or liverpool losing to hull. although it might include laughing at capello for thinking that calling up carragher would be anything but a liability.who knows. maybe not. maybe he’s just like that at liverpool these days. though carra in defense could very well benefit the us team*.

    *quite possibly the 1st example of any kind of soccer football patriotism out of me.


  7. i actually don’t go about looking for footie news other than scanning the espn soccernet stuff. that said, i somehow stumbled on this fabulous blog called dirty tackle. thank you brooks pecks (and co.) you make me laugh. your headlines alone rock. i won’t bother to copy+paste a lot, but some more recent examples include:

    Weekend Match Guide: Fergie’s sick of your jokes edition


    Mansfield Town are the new, lesser known, football club version of Radiohead


    Teenage girls love Sergio Canales


    Rafa Benitez is probably going to Juventus

    sigh. although the titles in the ‘blogroll’ on the right sound worth a visit, i simply cannot spend even more time wandering the interwebs.

    otherwise, i’m just getting around to watching the Match Against Poverty 2010. it’s making me nostalgic. hmm. guess i have zidane on the brain.