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  1. prostheticknowledge:

    Lazy Wayves - Mix by Ideal via Percussion Lab

    Chillwave Mix

    Here’s a groovy soundtrack for any cool occasion, but the complexity will reveal itself to those who seek and understand it. I compiled these somewhat difficult to work with songs via seasoned mental process as a melodic/harmonic dj and the technical facilitation of Serato Scratch Live, into a coherent cinematic stream of consciousness experience. I hope you enjoy and will support any of the original artists’ music you liked within the mix!

    01 – Com Truise – Datebar
    02 – Niki & The Dove – Last Night
    03 – Teams vs. Star Slinger – Close To Me
    04 – Washed Out – Belong
    05 – Onra – Send Me Your Love
    06 – Toro Y Moi – Talamak
    07 – Dam Funk – (My Funk Goes) On & On
    08 – CANT – Believe
    09 – Neon Indian – Mind, Drips (Bibio Remix)
    10 – Washed Out – Feel It All Around (Toro Y Moi Remix)
    11 – Gang Gang Dance – Bond
    12 – DRC Music – Hallo (feat. Tout Puissant Mukalo and Nelly Liyemge)
    13 – Ford & Lopatin – New Planet
    14 – Millionyoung – Cosmonaut
    15 – Lemonade – Lifted (Le Chev Reunion Tour Remix)
    16 – Chad Valley – Reach Lines
    17 – Health – Before Tigers (CFCF Remix)
    18 – Gold Panda – Marriage (Star Slinger Remix)

    Link to Percussion Lab page, with download link, can be found here

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  2. curiositycounts:

Misheard and mixed up lyrics from famous songs, typographically embroideredby MaricorMaricar 
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    Misheard and mixed up lyrics from famous songs, typographically embroidered
    by MaricorMaricar 


  3. not entirely sure what this says about my taste in music (at present). i leave the ipod on shuffle in the car…


  4. underworld - born slippy (live at brixton academy)

    my train of thought explained:

    stefan spoke of  “process” and what inspired that infamous Cranbrook poster=  Tomato (the design firm) =  Underworld on the brain.

    Process; a tomato projectProcess; a tomato project


  5. this week so far… and the songs have been by apparently been over 80 different artists. ahh but the week’s not done and tallied until sunday night…

    2 weeks ago it was 119 individual artists and 425 tracks with a total play count of 500 tunes. last week i didn’t much listen to music. odd.


  6. song of the day: the church - destination. starfish is still such a great album…


  7. i’m feeling a little nick cave-y. and you?


  8. yes, i am easily amused.


  9. this past week’s tally:


  10. "sordid lie" / masquer

    no, really, 3 songs later and masquer’s my new favourite band. ahh… they’re swedish, it all makes sense now.

    The Stockholm-based duo creates dark cinematic soundscapes by mixing shimmering electronics, sweeping melancholic melodies and dreamy shoegaze guitars. Kicki’s haunting vocals might bring to mind the Cocteau Twins and Siouxsie & The Banshees, but the whole package is beamed straight out of The Cure’s Pornography.

    (description snagged from the indie disco blog -

    ooh! free download of their ep at!


  11. generally not a fan of cure covers, but this isn’t half bad.

    "hanging garden" / masquer