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Celtic v Juventus
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    Celtic v Juventus


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    Eren Zahavi’s bicycle kick goal for Hapoel Tev Aviv vs Lyon. Brilliant.

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  5. my champions league matchday 5 thoughts…

    Group E

    Roma 3-2 Bayern
    -did i put mario gomez on my fanasty team? i meant to.
    -only saw the highlights, but nice comeback Roma.
    -idle thought: what do you suppose would have happened if totti missed that penalty?

    Basel 2-0 Cluj
    (eh, didn’t watch it)

    Group F

    Chelsea 2-1 Zilina

    - turned it on a little late, it was already 0-1 and that’s why i kept watching.
    - i quite liked watching the young chelsea lads - kakuta and bruma and sturridge - great pace and energy once they turned it on

    Spartak Moskva 0-3 Ol.Marseille

    - very pretty valbuena and remy, less pretty but well done brandao

    Group G

    Ajax 0-4 Real Madrid
    - c-ron is still a big baby
    - wtf with the ungentlemanly reds xabi y sergio? lame.
    - luis suarez… was he everywhere? how did i manage to miss the story of his biting someone last week end?

    Auxerre 0-2 Milan
    - that pesky ibra keeps scoring goals, just to annoy me, i’m sure.

    Group H

    Braga 2-0 Arsenal

    - i’m not an arsenal fan. but i am a carlos vela fan. and he got gypped.
    - matheus’ goals were lovely + brilliant (in that order)

    Partizan 0-3 Shakhtar Donetsk

    - only saw highlights. i do like eduardo minus the arsenal.


  6. not to jump on the bandwagon, this pic is just cute b/c it makes luka modric look little (i suppose in comparison to crouch, everyone IS really short).


    The caption on this photo called him a defender, sometimes I forget =)


  7. click through to video adorableness.


  8. Lyon’s Lisandro Lopez celebrates after he scored a goal against Lille during their French League One soccer match at Gerland stadium, in Lyon, central France, Sunday, Oct. 17, 2010. (AP Photo/Laurent Cipriani)